A Broken Razor

So why a broken razor, outside of the generally angst-ridden images it conjures? Why choose that particular phrase as a pen name, or the token by which I’ll be writing here?

A razor blade is a tool, but one that has notoriously been turned towards negative ends. It is sharp, and smooth, and able to move from tool to weapon in a flicker.

A broken razor, has lost that edge, and lost that guile. It is dangerous, but not nearly so much as when it was whole. Yet, having lost its unbroken edge, it no longer has a purpose, no longer a use. Left over is a discarded remnant of something useful that retains only echoes of danger.  Reflections caught on an imperfect, discarded surface.

So there is my metaphor, and I imagine it answers nothing at all. Welcome to those of you who have come, or may come, to read and comment.


~ by brokenrazor on July 8, 2008.

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