No More Tears

What is it that makes us cry?

Is it a learned behavior that is conditioned into us as part of the social process? At the very least, I would imagine that it is shaped by cultural norms and perceptions.

Most often, it is sorrow that draws us to tears, but not always. People have tears of joy, or laugh so hard they cry. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of being overwhelmed by some emotion. Sorrow then, lacking another outlet, is the one most often expressed with tears alone.

I really don’t know, I’m simply asking. Searching.

Recently, I sat, alone and broken, and though my soul was heavy, I could not cry. Though the tears hesitate on the edge of coming, they never do. I have cried in my past, that much I remember, but no longer do the tears come.

Why can’t I cry? And do I need to?


~ by brokenrazor on July 8, 2008.

One Response to “No More Tears”

  1. You know, I’ve had that happen to me quite a bit lately… like I ran out of tears. Anyway, I think I understand to some degree.

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