Cheating (Poetry, Revised)

So, I’m cheating a little bit here. I’m not putting up any new content for Wednesday, I’m simply revising two previous poems and reposting it here (They previously made an apperance on my myspace page). Neither of them are mind-shattering pieces, but I like them both. Enjoy!


The Echo

I heard today, the echo of a whisper,
but instead of falling into silence, as echoes tend to do
it grew louder, then louder still,
casting yet another echo,
which echoed and echoed and echoed
and echoed the echo of the whisper,
until I thought my mind would be torn
from its moorings, and my ears would grow sanguineous
from the noise, of the whisper

And so I screamed, drowning the echo with my voice
fearing its return, fearing its noise,
I screamed and screamed and screamed
until I could scream no more
my voice cracked, and dry, and sore
nothing more than a whisper
and behind it, barely audible in the recesses of my mind…

an echo of that whisper



A few loose coins jingle together,
a pleasent weight in my palm;

The wind tossed laugh of a child soaring on a swing,
carried higher and higher,
words and phrases, cobbled together,
that don’t always say what was meant,
the magic of being transformed from man to horse,
simply by kneeling on hands and knees,
and an “I love you” that grows more reluctant with age,
but even as a grunt rings true,

These are my coins, the coins of a father,
And with them, I hope to buy happiness


~ by brokenrazor on July 17, 2008.

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