Alive (Poetry, Rough Draft)

(I do not like the structure of this poem at all, but I like the message behind it. I plan to revise it heavily, but I wanted to get the thought down on paper) 


To feel, is to live

Not the feeling of the wind in your hair

Or the sun on your face,

But rather the feeling of passion in your heart,

Love on your lips,

Or joy in the air.

But lacking these, others will suffice

Anger, and hate, and greed

Burn like fire in the belly,

A sense of false life,

Something to fill the void.

For it is the void really, the emptiness,

That is death

The passing of the physical is but a technicality

To those that have given in to apathy

And died already.

So wonder not at those who feed

On the bitter fruit of Rage,

Instead, pity them, and pray that they don’t starve.

Or if you have the means, give them something more

Help them feel

Help them live.



~ by brokenrazor on August 5, 2008.

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