the Father and the Son (Fiction, Rough Draft, Linked)


“Boom Baby!”


“That’s your line, really? I mean, come on Dad, everyone is going to make fun of that.”


“What, you don’t like it? I think it goes well with the flashing lightning.”


“… Dad, it’s just… Tacky. It feels like you’re stuck in some other time…”


“Are you sure? I mean, I want them to love me, you know, and think I’m cool.”


“They are not going to think you’re cool. Especially not if you use that.”


“Okay… how about ‘Shocka Boom!’ or ‘Krakow!’”


“This is why mom doesn’t talk to you, you know that? You’re just weird.”


“… that hurts. You know that? It’s a good thing I’ve got a lot of love for you and her.”


“I know, I’m sorry… it’s just. I want you to do this thing right. Can’t we go with something simpler for the lightning?”


“How about just… ‘Boom’. I could do it really loud. Maybe with some echoes or something, that would be groovy.”


“Sure, fine. Just, you know, please don’t say it’s groovy when I’m hanging out with my apostle friends, okay?”


“All right, all right. ‘Boom’ it is. And I won’t say groovy around your friends. Now I’ve got to go find me some heathens and give this new sound a try. ‘Boom’. Yeah, I can get used to that.”



(Theme: Thunder. Link to my Brother’s Story)


~ by brokenrazor on August 7, 2008.

One Response to “the Father and the Son (Fiction, Rough Draft, Linked)”

  1. Very nice, I actually didn’t get the God thing until he mentioned his apostle friends, another good laugh…… 🙂

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