The Sound (Poetry, Rough Draft)


you can hear it, sometimes

when a heart breaks


at night, especially, while the world sleeps

you can hear it, sometimes


tear drops striking against a lonely pillow

lost in softness, but leaving stains

the clock taping out 2 and 3 and 4

and no other ears awake

a moonlit sky swallowed up by clouds

wishful gold consumed by somber grey


and in those quiet times,

it seems so loud, the sound it makes


but amidst the fervor of day

the sound, the light, the movement

as the world goes its ways

it’s almost lost,


that sound it makes,

when a heart breaks


but it lingers still, and when the quiet comes,

so comes it to,

that sound, that sound it makes

never relents, never retreats,



to silence


never, that sound

when a heart breaks


~ by brokenrazor on August 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Sound (Poetry, Rough Draft)”

  1. the loudest silent noise I’ve ever heard.

  2. Excellent.

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