The Worm (1)

It was with a mixture of satisfaction and horror that David found the tiny hole in the side of his head. It wasn’t much larger than a pencil lead, the little red opening into his skull, and was easily hidden beneath his hair. In fact, position as it was, just a bit back from and above his right ear, he probably never would have noticed it, were it not for the infernal itching.

The itching had started two days ago, a nagging that he had tried to ignore when it first struck him in the early morning. Just a little scalp itch, that was all, nothing important. But as the two days had crept along, he simply couldn’t stop scratching, and now he knew why, or at least had some kind of clue. It looked like it might be a bug bite, or maybe some kind of weird sore. Turning his head from side to side, David tried to get a better look. But, try as he might, all he could see was the little red mark amidst a patch of scalp made red from near constant irritation. What was it, and what was he going to do?

David scratched it.

The satisfaction of the scratching was shallow and short lived, leaving David with the distinct impression that he would have to do something more lasting about this particular bite/blemish. But, it was late and despite the itching, he was incredibly tired. It could wait until tomorrow…


~ by brokenrazor on February 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Worm (1)”

  1. Nice beginning! I like the mixture of satisfaction and horror – that really kind of nails it.

  2. Now that you’re published, expectations are a little higher – where’s Pt 2?

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