A begining


The dark art responsible for the destruction of the world, the tool wielded by the gods as they slew one another, the bane of all that was good, and the poison that blackened the souls of even the most vile. Nothing good ever came of magic, and Braen knew it would be the death of him, but never in his many nightmares had things played out quite like this.

Bodies lie scattered, some broken, some burnt, across the deserted city streets. A few let moans of agony escape, as their lives slid towards oblivion, but most were dead.  The flames still flickering at his fingertips assured Braen that this was his work, but even now it seemed impossible. Perhaps the past few scenes had been but flickers of yet another nightmare, perhaps he would awaken and find himself soaked in sweat and panting, but mercifully free of death’s burnt stench. It was almost enough to make him wait, but like any good nightmare this scene lacked time for a moment’s introspection, and people were approaching.


~ by brokenrazor on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “A begining”

  1. I’ve already told you this, but this is an awesome start! I love your descriptions and the paragraph about magic is perfect!

  2. Uhhhh….so how’s it coming?

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