#1 Board Man

My Truck Burnt.


Lost everything except this bag.


Washington. Three days ago.

            Where you headed?


            Wow, that’s a long walk.

Yeah. Gotta be there in 4 days.

                        (Too far to walk)

 Got train reservations.


Church got ‘em, but no money.

            They couldn’t help?

I told ‘em I’d send 500 if they gave me the 175.

            They couldn’t?

                        (They wouldn’t)



All I need is 165 and I’d be on that train

            Wow, that sucks

Then, I asked if they could give me a little money instead


For a room, or some food


I’d send them 160 for the 40

                        (They won’t)

I tried the VFW, Churches, American Legion. Nothing.

            Got Family?

All Dead


Unreachable. Merchant Marine.

                        (Surprised? No)


Your words won’t ask for trust,

            Nor ask openly for cash either

But I know


Broken trust must be rationed


Cash, I could afford

            But not the trust


And so, you end up with neither

            I let you out, empty handed

                        In Boardman


~ by brokenrazor on December 22, 2009.

One Response to “#1 Board Man”

  1. That’s good! I think your thoughts at the end would be more effective scattered throughout your conversation and then end it with the last two lines.

    Interesting poem!Interesting you trusted him enough to let him in your car ~ that would be neat exploration, the amount of trust required to give him a ride versus the amount of trust that you require to hand over money.

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